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Still the Situ-Asian
'tis me! :)
You and Santana?
Woah. That's... unexpected.
Happy for you!

Yeah, thanks. I mean… I guess no one ever thought anything more after high school would happen.

3 years ago on 8 May 2011 @ 5:13am
we virtually meet again! :)
How have you been?
It's Kurt, by the way.

Hummel? Dear God, man it’s been a long time!

3 years ago on 7 May 2011 @ 8:39pm

I’m thinking Santana and I need a date night…

hudsonfinnie:  Whats the ginger doing to you man?   I know it looks bad but its just bad at that angle. And besides, Santana was with me. If the ginger was doing something, Santana probably would’ve done something

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@Brittany (Grabbing a Drink)


grinning at him she nodded her head. “yeah just something small.” she hadn’t eaten since she pretty much went fro mthe dance studio to home where she took care of ella and her mother before getting herself ready quickly for tonight. brittany sat in the passengers seat in silence. it had started to become easier to hang out with him again, but it was still awkward. like right at this moment. her hands fidgeting in her lap as she bit down upon her lip. blue eyes looked out the rain soaked window at the houses and buildings they passed by on the way. as she did her mind raced with a million thoughts. random things like her dance routine for her class to cleaning out ella’s closet. mostly though it was on a more serious topic and that was her and mike. thankfully the ride wasn’t too long and they had arrived quickly. she didn’t think she could take another moment of silence. once again liek a true gentleman mike came around to open the door for her, letting her get beneath the umbrella as they walked towards the bar. “no mike you don’t have to do that.” she said as the entered inside the building.

It was expected for Brittany to protest. At the very least Mike was expecting her to protest. He nudged her shoulder playfully and shot her a warm grin. “You know that nothing you say is going to change my mind, right?” He teased as he held two fingers up to the bartender who nodded. Th one thing about never leaving Lima and being a well known doctor, Mike got a little more leeway than other people at the bar. Or at least he and Brittany were given a little more hospitality. Mike led the blonde woman to a table and pulled out the chair for her. Mostly because that was just Mike. Polite,  charismatic, a real gentleman. He didn’t mean too much from it. Tried not to read too much into it, he most certainly didn’t want to blame his behavior on old feelings. Just as he took a seat across from her a waiter approached them, his hand clamped down on Mike’s shoulder. "Hey, Mike. Who’s your friend?"  A man a little younger than he and Brit with brown wavy hair, winked at Brittany. Mike resisted the urge to roll his eyes at the waiter and instead smiled as if he was amused by the waiter’s playful flirting. “Tony, this is Brittany. An old friend. Actually Santana’s best friend. Brittany, this is Tony. An old classmate of mine.” Mike introduced. Tony a friend that had hit on Santana several of times and as much as Mike hated to think about it, probably one of the guys Santana cheated on Mike with back in the day. Before Tony could use any of his sleezy and frankly cheesy moves, Mike ordered a plate of nachos and mozzarella sticks. He looked to Brittany and smiled. “It’s good for drinking. Absorbs the alcohol.” He said with a nod.

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Should we replace everyone again? But it seems Sam, Mike, Santana and Britt?

Wait i’m confused on the last part

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I make her goofy :D

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@Brittany (Grabbing a Drink)


they were just going out as friends. two friends going out for a drink, which probably wasn’t such a good idea, but they were doing it. britt would push those feelings deep down, like she always did. it would be fine it would all be fine. maybe she should have talked to quinn about this before she said yes, quinn would have known what to do, but it was too late now and she was going to have to rely on herself. britt saw the smile that fell upon his face when she had mentioned ella. she wanted mike and ella to have a relationship. he deserved it, especially since she hadn’t told him about her for so long. he missed out on a lot, but he could be there now and she wanted him there. ella and mike deserved each other. they were two amazing people and brittany couldn’t wait for them to get to know each other more. as they braved thier way out into the rain andm ike let her in the passenger side door before making his way around to the driver’s side. mike was seriously great. such a gentleman, always so kind and caring; that’s why britt cared about him so much. brittany sighed heavily to herself before he got in the car, reassuring herself it was going to be fine. “like cats and dogs, but not really.”  she stated again with a laugh.  britt remembered her mother saying that nad she’d rush to the window hoping to see puppies and kittens falling.  at his quesiton she shrugged her shoulders. “i didn’t eat, but i could go for something small maybe.” brittany brushed hair out of her face as she pulled the seatbelt across her chest and buckled herself in. she needed to get over mike and maybe this night would help her with that process.

A grin came on his face as he nodded. “Yeah, like cats and dogs but not really.” He said with a short chuckle. His eyes focused mostly on the road, before he nodded his head. “Sure, I guess we can just grab food at the bar then. You shouldn’t drink on an empty stomach.” He said as he drove slowly on the near empty road. He ran a hand through his hair as they sat in a moment of silence. The sounds of the rain pounding against the windshield and the wind slapping against the side of his car. Mike chewed on his bottom lip before he finally reached his hand out and turned the music on. Anything to ease the tension in the car. They were getting better at spending time together. Especially that afternoon with the kids. But Mike was a smart guy, he could feel the tension. It was why he was so glad that the drive was short as he pulled into the parking lot of the bar.

Once again, the umbrella opened up and he made his way to the passenger side of his car and opened the door for Brittany. Grabbing a drink was probably not the best idea but it was the only thing he could think of. He wanted to see Brittany again, he shouldn’t have wanted to, but he did. Slowly Mike led her towards the bar and smiled. “Tonight is my treat, I hope you know that.” He said nudging her slightly as they entered the building and he shook out the umbrella.

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@Brittany (At the Park)


brittany had always been good with kids. it could have been partly bebcause she had a younger sister and she always played with her or it could have bee the fact brittany had sometimes acted like a child herself. she understood kids better then most adults at times. that was why she taught dance to kids instead of adults. kids understood her better too. they didn’t judge her like older people did. children thought she was fun and she was nice and she always played with them. adults always saw her as just a pretty face and a dumb blonde and less then them. it still didn’t mean that she wasn’t nice to them, evne if they were awful, because brittany was nice to everyone. as he leaned over towards her she felt her heart hit heavily against her chest, but he had leaned to kiss adler on the side of his face. eyes shut briefly thinking how stupid she could have been.

both brittany and ella had giggled themselves when adelle’s tiny fist hit mike’s face. ella was excited and brittany could see that. she could see how well she and adelle had clicked together and she was happy. when she and santana were younger they’d always talk about they would have little girls and their girls would be best friends like they had been. brittany was hoping that would be the case and she was thinking the sisterly bond would play heavily into that. as adelle placed her hand over mike’s mouth britt couldn’t help, ubt grin. she was too adorable, a handful maybe, but adorable none the less. eyes intently watched the little girls as the jammered on aobut princesses and who their favortie was and which one they wanted to be when they got older. it was just perfect and she couldn’t have been happier.

brittany gently rocked on her feet swaying adler back and forth softly. at mike’s comment she looked down to her shoulder seeign the sleeping boy. he was too cute. she was not surprised at all the her had fallen asleep. “being a superhero is a tough job, i’d be sleepy too.” she said grinning. ella and adelle’s princess talk stopped when mike asked ella if she could go to britt because adler was sleeping. the little girl glanced over to her mother who was holding the little boy. “he out like a light.” ella said to mike nodding her head at him agreeing to go to her mommy. the little girl held out her arms to brittany. leaning towards mike with her free side she took ahold of ella. when she had settled her on her hip britt truned offering the sleeping adler to him. when adler was out of her arms, she switched side the ella was on giving her daughter a kiss.

Desperately, Mike tried to ignore the look on Brittany’s face when he had leaned in and kissed Adler on the side of his head lovingly. He blocked the image out of what he thought was a look of possible disappointment or something. He felt bad even though he shouldn’t have. He shouldn’t have felt about not having kissed her. He’s not supposed to have that kind of feeling. Whenever Ella spoke, Mike just wanted to grin and pepper her nose with small kisses. “Yeah he’s busy running around, that’s what got him tuckered out.” Mike laughed nodding his head, even more so at Ella’s comment. He laughed and want to press a soft kiss to the girl’s forehead. Of course she was adorable. She was Brittany’s daughter. Ella may have had a lot of Mike’s dominant traits, she most definietly got Brittany’s personality. Once the two parents switched children, Adler stirred in his arm before the small boy hung over Mike’s shoulder, his thumb still in his mouth.

Adelle was still smiling and trying to have a chat with Ella, but he could feel her started relax and calm down laying against him as well. He heard a small yawn being stifled out of his mini Santana and laughed. “Looks like somebody had a long day.” He said with a small smile as he watched Brittany lay a tiny kiss on Ella. It only seemed right that Ella was so amazing, just like her mother. He looked at Adelle who was staring to fall sleepy he could tell as he rapid speaking had shortened to a few words. “I think we should call it a day, I think the twins are all out of energy.” Mike laughed shifting them before smiling at her. He really didn’t want it to end, he’d been enjoying himself, but he knew not push it too much. He was married. “We should do this again real soon, Britt.” He said with a hopeful smile on his face. “I had a lot of fun, and I think so did the twins.” He said looking down at the kids he he held. "I had lots and lots of fun. Ella’s gonna sleep over tomorrow!" Mike simply laughed before smiling at  Brittany

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@Brittany (Grabbing a Drink)


brittany was defintiely not the same girl from high school. she had her same naive tendencies and her dumb moments, because that was brittany. she had done a lot of growing up. learning how to do for herself and learning how to raise a child. it had been hard, extremely difficult. thank the lord her mother had come out to help her for awhile and that quinn was also in l.a. she had depended on them for help, but she had done it herself. britt would bet people were saying she couldn’t last in los angeles, that she never could raise a baby. especially people from lime who often treated her like she was five. if they jsut let her grow up and make her own mistakes she would have been fine. she turned out fine, she had survived out there. she had done a damn good job raising ella, that little girl was amazing. she had worked hard to be where she was. even if her mom was really sick and she had a baby with her best friends husband, she was happy with where life had taken her. “she was happy to see you.” brittany smiled softly at him. she could just tell by the way ella’s eyes had been glancing to the door while brittany did her monster hunt. ella could not stop talking about that day at the park and how cool delly and addie’s dad was. brittany couldn’t have been happier with ella’s reaction to mike. after saying goodnight to katie also they made thier way to the front doot. brittany opened it and instantly after mike opened the umbrella stepping beneath it. britt smiled and nodded her head at him. linking her arm with his as she stood beneath it also. they made their way out into the pouring rain, brittany shutting the front door as soon as they left the doorframe. and they walked over to mike’s car.

It would be okay. Their night out would be okay. They were just two old friends catching up. That was it. Nothing weird. No feelings. God he hoped none of his old feeling would rise up. He tried to ignore the warmth he felt spread over him when Brittany told him Ella was happy to see him, but he couldn’t help it. The smile he wore on his face was a dead give away. He loved the idea of Ella being happy to see him, for him it felt like he was closer to her in their own way. Like the gentleman that he was Mike led her over to the passenger seat and opened the door holding the umbrella more to stay over her than him before he made his way to his own side and shook out his umbrella and got in. “It’s coming down hard.” He said with a small laugh before he tossed the umbrella in the back seat and started the car. “Did you eat already? We could go grab something to eat if you want.” He said nicely pulling out of her driveway and started down the road carefully. It was gonna be okay. The night was gonna be okay. He kept repeating the phrase over and over in his head because he needed to spend time with Brittany, to convince himself that what they had between them was friendship. That their daughter and their past friendship was the only thing linking them together. Not any old flames or feelings he had almost ten years ago.

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